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Yamaha VXR 180hp Ride

This jet ski is located at the dock in Hovirinta, Kaarina.

180hp, 1812cc 4-stroke engine guarantees fun for the whole ride!

Maybe one of the best Yamaha jet skis of all time. It’s no surprise it’s our most wanted jet ski!


Technical specifications

Year model 2016
Length 3,35 m
Width 1,22 m
Height from the sea level (appr.) 1 m
Weight 348 kg
Persons 3
Engine Yamaha 1814cc
Engine specs 4-stroke 180hp

Consumption and fuel

Fuel 98E
Fuel tank capacity 70 litres
Consumption / nautical mile (1,852km) 0,57 litres (30 knots)
Consumption / hour 16,85 litres (30 knots)
Range with full tank 111 nm (206km)


Top speed 55 knots (100km/h)
Cruise speed 30 knots (55km/h)

Suitable use 1-4 stars *

For beginners ***
Economical ***
Water sports ****
Sporty model / power ****



  • Ropes and anchor
  • Lifejackets 2 pc  

Number of jet skis with this model in our inventory: many