1. Select the appropriate device and time period online

Instructions for renting

  • 1. Select "normal" if you want to rent for one or more days. Select "weekend" if you want to rent for a weekend.
  • 2. Select start and end date
  • 3. If you have a campaign code, input it to the campaign input field and click Search.
  • 4. Inventory that is free, is listed as bright and the ones already reserved are shown as dimmed. Select the one you prefer and click "Choose this".
  • 5. Select the equipment you want and define own risk for insurance.
  • 6. Fill in your contact info and confirm the reservation.
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2. Receive confirmation

You will receive a confirmation and a 20% confirmation fee. Cancellation at least 7 days before the start of the reservation is free of charge.

3. Device handover

Rental agreement and how-to instrunctions are done in our store in Kaarina at the start of the reservation. Remember to check the location for the device and handover times from the device info.

  • You will need an identification! Passport or a driver's license for example.
  • Rest of the payment is expected before the handover.

4. Enjoy your trip

You are now ready to pickup the device and enjoy your trip!

  • All of our rental boats are well equipped with all the necessary equipment.
  • Please do still check the specific equipment listing from the device's info from our website.
  • Remember to grab some tanning lotion and water!
  • Plan your route and get to know the area before you head out.
  • A great free service for route planning can be found here:


  • If the device is already at the sea.
  • Check the dock and the correct dock and berth from the rental agreement or device info.
  • Check the device's condition and inform us if you see any damage that was not mentioned at the rental agreement.
  • Take your time getting to know the device and it's equipment.
  • Start your trip!

Returning the device

Head back in time.

  • Remember to fill the fuel tank before returning the device. You can see the closest fuel stations here
  • Make sure to leave the device to the same berth where you took off. Check the correct spot from the rental agreement or from the device's info.
  • Check the device's condition and possible damages and let us know by phone if there are any.
  • Making sure the device is in good and clean condition is your responsibility - please see to this before leaving the device. There is a water hose at the dock which you can use to flush the devices.
  • Return the keys to the agreed place when the reservation ends.
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